About Us

About TRMT-Group

Taj Al-Riyadh Marketing and Trading Company (TRMT) is the sole distributor of original baby care products and accessories in Saudi Arabia. TRMT is catering the needs of expecting, delivering and nurturing children all over the region.

Taj Al-Riyadh Marketing and Trading Co. started with the vision of capturing hearts of the customers by providing them with the best products in the Saudi and Gulf market. Focusing on mother and baby products gave TRMT-Group the avenue to showcase their marketing and trading expertise which has translated into record breaking sales and increase in demand for the products.

How we Started?

Taj Al-Riyadh Marketing and Trading Co. is an effort put together by young Saudi entrepreneurs. Drawing the world’s attention towards big brand names across the globe, a strong customer base and value added services have led the TRMT Group to gain mass popularity amongst multiple sales channels across the Saudi Kingdom.

We are here with a Vision!

With a vision dedicated to enabling a better living for your consumers, we offer businesses authentic products at a mass distribution level to ensure direct dealing from the brand’s production.

TRMT Group has prospered over the number of years to garner trust and confidence from a diverse nature of clients while ensuring quality and accountability at the same time.

Sole Agent & Distributor of Farlin Products in KSA.

TRMT Group is the sole agent and distributor of Farlin products across the Kingdom to open gates for local business to benefit from the purpose of Farlin production. Farlin is in Saudi Arabia market for 37 years. We proudly address all after sales concerns and connect you with all possible resources associated with Farlin.

It is our foremost priority to enable easier dealing for the world’s trusted brand products for the benefit of your local clientele while ensuring genuine quality assurance and variety availability at all times.