About Farlin

A Globally Trusted Name.

Farlin is a reputed name of trusted mother-baby product line across the globe, for over 4 decades. It caters to all product needs from expecting mothers to new mothers which help raise children, whether they are newborns or toddlers.

Farlin is considered to be one of the most diverse, trusted and qualitative professional manufacturers of baby care products in the world. They possess an undented reputation and goodwill across more than 80 countries worldwide. Their historical complete marketing network in various channels makes them the most superior brands with more than 40 years of producing baby care products for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

An Extensive Range of Baby Care Products.

Farlin has won hearts of retailers across the world for their best in line mother baby products – entrusted through the sole distribution channels of the TRMT Group in Saudi Arabia.

Farlin has an extensive range of baby care products ranging from feeding, grooming, healthy, security bedding and more along with a special range of mother care products such as nursing, parenting comfort to extend their social responsibility towards the world and making parenting a better experience. They offer you thoughtful after-sales services through Taj Al-Riyadh as its trusted agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

You can visit their website www.farlin.com.tw/ and learn more about what we may offer you on behalf of Farlin!

History of Farlin.

Established in 1972, Farlin has sculpted its name that marks history for producing and successfully selling its products, in over 80 countries. Catering a diverse range of clientele has helped Farlin grow as a brand from one country to another and develop into a bigger and better brand with time.

Mr. John Shieh was the founder of Farlin who identified the lack of good baby care products back in the old times. This very reason gave birth to Farlin and its purpose to consider all babies as its primary concern. It included the concept of producing high-quality products that offered medical benefits as well as the ease of parenting. The ideology relied greatly on offering medical benefits based on critical analysis, observing babies and their behaviours along with motherly needs to be incorporated into a rational business sense. The benefit of the market, as well as the well-being of the society, was what Farlin had foreseen!

Why Farlin is an ideal choice?

State-of- the-art innovation techniques along with addressing all motherly as well as child demands, is what Farlin is dedicated to offer.
With such an extended sales network and diverse clientele across the globe, Farlin has succeeded to win hearts of millions of mothers and their little ones.

Farlin lays special emphasis on making its products unique and reliable which combine premium quality with access to the general masses. This is determined by the attention paid to design and the purpose a product serves. The agenda is to give babies the best start of life along with the aim to cater to everyday needs. FARLIN promotes innovative breakthroughs such as shrinkable silicone bottles that you might have ever seen. This product even won the great honour of IF Product Design Award 2012.

Farlin Nipples and Pacifiers

Farlin’s range of nipples and pacifiers are the widest in variety to serve the most diverse of purposes. An extended variety ensures that
your little one’s mouth only takes what you deem suitable!

Ranging from a variety of fun pacifiers to orthodontic concerns’ one, all the way to natural feeding or easy feeding nipples; all you have to do is choose and it’s there! A good teat/ pacifier ensures babies don’t have to undergo the hassle of tongue ties or identify problems that may be associated to drinking milk.